Top 10 schools in Noida

When it comes to choose the best school for your kid, there are so many factors you will keep in mind as to deliver the best to your kid. This is a big responsibility as if the root of the child is not strong; he will not stay hard for the future.

You can select a good option for your child, from the top 10 schools in Noida, so that you will never be disappointed after wards for their decision.

JBM Global School- with the best quality education, JBM is putting the kids at their best global exposure form 2008. The extra- curricular activities are of the great standard for the overall personality development of the kids.

Step By Step School- it is known for the creative style of the learning by the professional faculties. The social way to treat each child attentively is what making it the best. So it is the good choice.

Delhi Public School- itis the big name for its academic record. With establishment in 1982, its vats structure making it the fine shelter for your child.

Amity International- with 15 acre campus, it has vast range of sports and shooting range. Its extra- curricular activities making it unique for your child for its overall fitness.

Apeejay School– with a wide auditorium, the sports factor is making it the big name in the entire Noida campus.

Lotus Valley International- it has the wide campus, with the state-of-the-art infrastructure. With the perfect quality education, it reaches to the strength of about 2500 students. safety and hygiene’ parameters are of the fine standard.

Somerville School- established in 1987, it focus on best academic result and quality learning. It is actually proving the value for money factors by giving the priority to outside factors like the music, and all. The main aim here is to take learning as fun and not a pressure to take the best from students.

Vishwa Bharti School- started in 1989, it is known for its stock of books. The parental participation is must here to give them equal right.

Kothari International School– it is famous for innovative teaching including bag less school and self-learning. The hygiene parameters are also important with the individual attention also a plus point here.

Bal Bharti School- the uniqueness lies here in the fields such as robotics, astronomy, and other outreach activities. The innovative teaching is also the beneficial part here to put your child here.

After analyzing all these points, you can decide the best for your child. The basic amenities you are looking for is must and should be in your list before making a final choice.